Why Are Legionella Risk Assessments Important?

Legionnaire’s disease is most likely something you’ve heard of at some point. But why are businesses legally obliged to perform legionella risk assessments? What exactly is the threat from legionella?

Legionella (the bacteria that cause legionnaire’s disease) are commonly found in freshwater sources such as rivers and streams, but can also thrive in artificial water systems, particularly where water is allowed to stagnate, such as in long pipes or cooling towers. The bacteria are spread when small droplets of contaminated water are breathed in, from air conditioning systems, for example, though the disease itself isn’t contagious.

Legionnaire’s Disease can be Fatal

Although the disease is rare in the UK, legionella risk assessments allow employers and business owners to be fully aware of how big a risk their building poses and how to prevent the risk of legionella developing. Larger buildings tend to be more at risk as they have larger and more complex water systems, though any building with a water system is at risk.

Companies and businesses are legally obliged under the Management of the Health and Safety at Work Act to perform legionella risk assessments every two years with reviews every year.

Dakro are the ideal company to perform legionella risk assessments for your business, with almost fifteen years’ experience in the industry and numerous certifications to further back up our practices. Our commitment to quality is underlined by our registration to ISO 9001; our legionella risk assessments satisfy all necessary legislation and regulations, while providing you with peace of mind that if anything requires adjusting or cleaning, we will take care of it for you.

Remain Covered with a Legionella Risk Assessment

Don’t put your business or staff at risk by missing out on legionella risk assessments. Our experienced consultants will take care of everything for you and provide detailed documentation for your records. Legionnaire’s disease can be picked up anywhere, but with legionella risk assessments from Dakro Environmental, your business needn’t be one of them.

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