Sustainable Legionella Water Treatment from Dakro

Just as we are passionate about the correct hygiene of air and water systems, we’re also dedicated to reducing our impact on the environment and ensuring that the service we provide has a minimal impact on the Earth and climate. We are driven by global trends in both welfare and sustainability, as we have been since our company was set up in 1999.

Our commitment to sustainability is made ever the more valuable by the fact that we are a rapidly growing legionella water treatment company; we take our duty to the environment seriously in much more than a marketing sense – we aim to provide a better living environment for everyone, not just for the benefit of our company. Demonstrated by our registration to ISO 9001, our environmental sustainability plans include reducing:

• Electricity usage
• Paper use
• Water consumption
• Waste that goes to landfill
• Landline usage
• Fuel expense and carbon emissions of our fleet

We also work with the Energy Saving Trust to manage the efficient and eco-friendly running of our Dakro fleet. As a high profile legionella water treatment company, we realise that today’s actions affect tomorrow’s world, which is why we aim to run as efficiently and cleanly as possible.

Specialists in all aspects of legionella water treatment and control, Dakro are committed to quality in all branches of our business, from the service we provide through to the continual assessment and development of our company and its values.

Not only are we committed to caring for the health of the environment, we also provide dedicated air and water hygiene services so that the health of your employees is cared for too. Our legionella water treatment services involve full risk assessments, recommendations, reports and the full cleaning of systems to minimise the risk of legionella.

If you would like more information regarding legionella water treatment or our hygiene services, or would like to know more about our sustainability commitments, please contact us on 0121 559 6431 or email us at

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