Make sure it’s a happy and healthy New Year with Legionella Testing from Dakro

As the school or college year comes to an end with all the fun of Christmas plays, pantos and parties, there will no doubt be a few faces missing with coughs and sneezes. The spread of bugs like colds and flu are an inevitable part of winter in large groups like educational establishments.

But while there’s not much you can do to stop colds and flu, there are some bugs that you really don’t want to start spreading, and Legionella is one of them. Legionella is the bacteria that causes the infamous, and sometimes fatal, Legionaire’s disease, and it could be hiding in the infra structure and water supplies of your school or college right now, waiting to strike.

So this Christmas break, why not use the time to have your systems thoroughly checked for this devastating disease, with efficient and cost effective Legionella testing from Dakro Environmental? Our expert teams specialise in Legionella testing and Legionella control, helping you to protect your students and your staff with simple, yet effective treatments and protocols.

We will test your system for any signs of the bacteria, eradicate it if required, and give you all the advice, equipment and chemicals you need to maintain complete and comprehensive Legionella control.

You may not think that you are at risk, but Legionella can strike anywhere, at any time, causing terrible symptoms such as fever, pneumonia, kidney and liver problems, and even leading to death, in people of any age. So don’t wait until it’s too late; take steps today with Legionella testing and Legionella control from Dakro Environmental and start the New Year confident that you have done all you can to protect the health of your staff and your students.

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