Dakro Work With Brother To Enhance Reporting System

Dakro Environmental Ltd has been working with printer specialists, Brother, to create the ‘ultimate’ in print portability. Using a PocketJet printer along with a tablet, Dakro engineers are now able to print reports on the go.

Carrying out tests and risk assessments to make sure that business premises have safe air and water treatment systems, the Dakro team work hard to ensure that clients comply with current legislative requirements to control Legionella bacteria.

Legionella bacteria can cause outbreaks of the potentially fatal Legionnaires disease, a pneumonia-like illness that can result in death. If businesses fail to take appropriate action to prevent an outbreak, should fatalities occur, they can be charged with manslaughter.

As customers rely on our reports to confirm that their air hygiene and water treatment systems are compliant with legislation, improving our services is always top of our agenda.

The reports, which were manually compiled and signed by the engineer were often slow to produce and were easily misplaced or misread.

Developing a bespoke Android application, reports can now be compiled on a tablet device. Printed wirelessly through Brother’s handy PocketJet A4 mobile printer using Bluetooth, our engineer’s can now print reports on the spot. Fitting neatly into a custom case, our services are now more efficient than ever.

Constantly looking to improve the services we offer, we’re thrilled with our new piece of equipment which is now used by 40 engineers throughout the business. Streamlining our reports and making our processes more efficient, we’re looking forward to showcasing this new technology to customers across the country.

To find out more about working with Dakro Environmental Ltd or to arrange your own risk assessment, please feel free to browse our website or fill in your details on the ‘contact us’ page.

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