Dakro Water Hygiene Services

If someone said the phrase water hygiene to you, what would you think of? Chlorinated swimming pools? Reservoirs or water filters?

Here at Dakro Environmental, we have a very different frame of mind when it comes to water hygiene. As specialists in Legionella control and treatment, we are experts in the field of Legionella risk assessments and other forms of water hygiene treatment, to ensure that companies and businesses operate a safe and hygienic water system to prevent the development of Legionella.

Comprehensive Water Hygiene from Dakro

Our core services include providing substantial portfolios and management records, in addition to identifying immediate and ongoing site requirements to ensure that your premises are compliant with effective water hygiene practices. Our experienced water hygiene consultants offer effective services that cater directly for your requirements, whether it’s duct cleaning, tank relining, restoration cleaning or a full installation, and provide full documentation outlining all processes undertaken.

We provide bacteriological sampling and NAMAS/UKAS portability analysis to ensure that the job has been carried out in the most effective manner possible. Under the Health and Safety at Work Act, companies are required to perform a risk assessment every two years with a review every year, to ensure that adequate water hygiene is maintained and there is no risk to staff or visitors.

Cleaning, Analysis and Reporting

Here at Dakro we cover a wide range of water hygiene services to provide you with a comprehensive service that caters for all your needs when it comes to water hygiene. Providing guidelines, reports and computer analysis, effective and efficient water hygiene maintenance has never been easier than with Dakro Environmental.

We offer water hygiene services for any type of establishment, from domestic to commercial to industrial. If you would like more information about our water hygiene services, please feel free to contact us on 0121 559 6431 or fill in the form on our website.

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