The UK’s Leading Duct Cleaning Company

In all walks of life, it’s often attention to detail that separates what’s good and what’s great. It can be an actor, car, toaster or even a pair of gloves – if it’s been meticulously worked on to make sure every aspect of it is of the highest standard, the chances are it will be known as the best, or at least amongst the elite.

Professional Air Duct Cleaning

It’s that same attention to detail that we strive for at Dakro in all aspects of our work which is why we are one of the leading duct cleaning companies in the UK. Our equipment is of the highest standard, our staff and technicians are highly qualified, and our services have been put together with the knowledge that over ten year’s worth of experience brings with it.

As one of the UK’s most well respected duct cleaning companies, we offer a range of other services to adhere to all your needs including water treatment, risk assessment, consultancy and water hygiene. With such an extensive range of services, we are able to meet our customer’s needs and requirements and our professional team are renowned for delivering a service that exceeds client’s expectations.

We’ve partnered up with a selection of companies in the environmental sector to help make our own services even better, and so we can give the most to our customers. The companies we are partnered with include Demma, who are an energy management system specialist for commercial and industrial buildings and Lyrico Systems, who are rapidly rising to become the leader in fire and security solutions.

Duct Cleaning Companies That Go Further

Not only does our involvement with these companies help us to provide a better service now, it gives us a better understanding for the future and is certainly something we’re proud of. As a leading duct cleaning company, we’re continually looking to improve our services further, in everything we do.

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