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Water Treatment Services

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Water Treatment

Dakro Environmental Limited provides water treatment and air hygiene products and services on long term contracts, delivering nationwide through our regional distribution network.

Our core support services to clients with substantial property portfolios provides a management record system which spans all site water and ducted air services – but we go further.

Key personnel identify your immediate and ongoing site specific requirements, and tailor your management system to comply with legislation in tandem with your corporate objectives.

Effective Water Treatment

Dakro Environmental Ltd is able to cater to the needs of many different chemical treatment programmes for various types of water systems to provide only the very best results. These include cold water distribution, low, medium and high pressure hot water and open & closed circuit cooling, which enables us to provide solutions for a wide range of purposes and environments whether it be industrial or commercial.

High Performance Water Treatment Products

Furthermore, we provide a range of high performance products to ensure effective water treatment. Scale and corrosion inhibitors enhance system performance and protect the fabric of the system, whilst biocides and dispersants are highly successful in minimising the growth of microorganisms. We also offer a range of excellent test kits, reagents and control equipment to help clients keep on top of their water system.

As part of our list of services we provide risk assessment and, as specialists, offer Legionella and TVC screenings, as well as water and portability analysis.

If you require any more information about the water treatment service you can fill in the contact form on the website or, if you need to speak with Dakro urgently, you can call on 0121 559 6431 and a representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Water Treatment

Dakro Environmental Ltd specialises in the design, operation and maintenance of chemical treatment programmes for all types of water systems, including:

  • Open and closed circuit cooling
  • Low, medium and high pressure hot water
  • Cold water distribution

Dakro offer the following range of products and services


  • Scale and corrosion inhibitors
  • Biocides and dispersants
  • Pre treatment plant
  • Dosage and control equipment
  • Test kits and reagents

All bacteriological testing is carried out via an independent NAMAS accredited laboratory


  • Risk assessment
  • Legionella and TVC screening
  • Full chemical water analysis
  • Full potability analyses

Dakro Environmental LTD are registered as a Category 1 Service provider with the Legionella Control Association.

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Dakro principles

Dakro Environmental manages its operations with concern for the Health and Safety of individuals, commitment to the delivery of quality service and products and the development of environmentally sustainable work practices and products.

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