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Water Hygiene Services

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Water Hygiene

Dakro Environmental Limited provides water treatment and air hygiene products and services on long term contracts, delivering nationwide through our regional distribution network.

Our core support services to clients with substantial property portfolios provides a management record system which spans all site water and ducted air services – but we go further.

Key personnel identify your immediate and ongoing site specific requirements, and tailor your management system to comply with legislation in tandem with your corporate objectives.

Effective Water Hygiene

We offer a range of effective water hygiene services to adhere to each individual need, regardless of whether it’s for domestic, industrial or commercial purposes, which includes tank refurbishment, disinfection and work reports.

Water Hygiene Analysis

The Dakro Environmental Limited domestic service includes a selection of areas to make sure excellent water hygiene is achieved with risk assessments and filtering available. Additionally, NAMAS/UKAS bacteriological sampling is used as well as NAMAS/UKAS portability analysis to ensure the most comprehensive job possible is carried out.

For disinfection and cleaning services we cover a large range of areas such as the de-scaling of calorifier and open systems as well as pre-commission and restoration cleaning. Dakro Environmental Limited effectively cleans cooling systems and performs domestic water services to L8, whilst cold water tank re-lining is also available.

Tank refurbishment is covered by a number of services to aid water hygiene such as tank insulation with specialist WRC approved coating to ensure excellent results, as well as full installations.

With the aid of computer analysis and on-site log books, effective maintenance and performance will always be kept to the highest of standards for all our clients.

If you would like know more about our water hygiene service, feel free to contact us via the form on the website.

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Water Hygiene

For the adequate prevention of Legionellosis, water systems should be able to operate under suitable hygienic conditions.

Dakro Environmental Ltd offer both detailed surveys for these systems followed by suitable recommendations for the improvements ensuring the criteria for water systems operation is achieved.

These criteria include for:

  • Suitable operating temperatures of < 20°C for cold water storage and distribution.
  • > 50°C for hot water services and distribution
  • Cold water storage tanks, conforming to the Water Byelaws inclusive of tight fitting lids, overflow and warning pipe screens for the prevention of contaminants and adequate insulation.
  • Inlet and outlet adjacent to allow flow through tank.

Dakro Environmental Ltd provide a full and complete package of advice, performance and control of the above criteria for a fully comprehensive hygienic system.

Disinfection and Cleaning Services

  • Cooling Systems to L8.
  • Domestic Water Services to L8.
  • Pre-commission Disinfections to BS6700.
  • Cold Water Storage Tank Re-lining and Coating with WRC Approved Material.
  • Water Regulations Upgrade Kits.
  • Replacement Cold Water Storage Tanks.
  • Calorifier De-scaling.
  • Closed System Cleaning.
  • Open System De-scaling.
  • Pre-commission and Restoration Cleaning.

Work Reports

  • Computer Generated Analysis.
  • Trend Formatting.
  • On-site Domestic Water Services Chlorination Certificates.
  • On-site Cooling System Certificates.
  • Written Analysis Certificates.
  • Site Log Books.

Domestic Water Hygiene Services

  • Risk Assessments.
  • In-line Pre-treatment.
  • Filtering.
  • NAMAS/UKAS Bacteriological Sampling.
  • Flushing Procedures.
  • End Point Cleaning Outlets.
  • NAMAS/UKAS Potability Analysis.

Tank Refurbishment

  • Water Regulation Works.
  • Butyl Lining.
  • GRP Pre-insulated Tanks.
  • Installations.
  • Vents and Screens.
  • Tank Insulation.
  • Specialist WRC Approved Coating.
  • Tank Lids Supply and Installation.

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Dakro Environmental manages its operations with concern for the Health and Safety of individuals, commitment to the delivery of quality service and products and the development of environmentally sustainable work practices and products.

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