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Air Hygiene Services

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Air Hygiene

The importance of providing a clean healthy working environment for employees, visitors and members of the public is not only desirable it is a statutory requirement.

Organisations that employ staff have a duty of care to ensure that the working environment is clean, safe and free from airborne contaminants. Dakro Environmental evaluate, recognise and minimise potential health hazards that could arise from within the work place due to contaminants such as dust, gases, bacteria  and other airborne materials.

The provision of pleasant surroundings with adequate fresh air is a basic requirement and working conditions that fall within statutory levels of noise, light, thermal comfort and the requirements of COSHH (Control of substances hazardous to Health). This includes the control of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, humidity & temperature.

Through training and assessment it is our aim to increase market awareness of what constitutes a poorly maintained environment and the requirements of a compliant built environment management and monitoring system.

Air Hygiene Service

Dakro Environmental Ltd has an extensive range of air hygiene products covering indoor air quality monitoring and the cleaning and disinfection of ducted air systems.

In ducted air systems, vermin and other creatures can often become a big problem and Dakro provide vermin screens and netting to counteract such nuisances, whilst full system cleaning, disinfections and condition sampling is performed to ensure a comprehensive service that gets the best results.

Indoor air quality monitoring looks at the quality of the air being delivered into the room space. Contaminants such as inhalable and respirable dust, microbiological activity and gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide levels are measured and compared to acceptable standards. In addition comfort factors such as temperature and humidity are also monitotred.

As with all the services provide by Dakro Environmental Ltd, successful air hygiene is enabled with the aid of the best possible workforce, knowledge, experience and equipment to ensure we give clients the best possible service.

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Air Hygiene

Supply of equipment, chemicals and technical service for all types of ducted air systems.

The total Air Hygiene package comprises an initial risk assessment together with recommendations for remedial actions and on going hygienic maintenance in line with current legislation and industry guidelines.

Cleaning and Disinfection of Ducted Air Systems

  • Inspection and Surveys
  • Access Panel Supply and Installation
  • Remove VIEWCAM Surveys
  • Full System Cleaning
  • Post Disinfections
  • Post Condition Sampling
  • Vermin Screens and Netting

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

  • Fungi and Moulds Analysis
  • Particle Analysis
  • Flow Rates
  • Swab and Contact Plates
  • Asbestos Analysis
  • Pollen Content
  • Ductwork Inspections
  • Monitoring Regimes
  • Service Contracts


Ductwork cleaning is carried out in accordance with BSRIA standards. Full certification upon completion.

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Dakro Environmental manages its operations with concern for the Health and Safety of individuals, commitment to the delivery of quality service and products and the development of environmentally sustainable work practices and products.

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